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Seiko Properties is a full-service, boutique residential real estate brokerage serving San Diego County, the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Arizona. We incorporate proven professional state of-the-art techniques specializing in the marketing, listing, and selling of new and resale residential communities, condominiums, and high-rise communities. Seiko Properties maintains a full-time staff of well-trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual clients and customers. Seiko Properties is a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization providing individual opportunity, personal satisfaction, and rewarding challenges to all members of the company.  We consider honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service to be the cornerstone of our business practice.

Dedicated to Building Your Business

Free Agent Website with CRM

Mobile-friendly, full-featured websites.
A clean, professional website is your foundation for online real estate success.

Competitive Commission Plan

No Franchise Fees.
No Monthly Fees.
No rollbacks on commission levels.

Top Producer 8i Suite of Tools

Manage your business & database with ease.
Action Plans & automated email  campaigns
Marketing materials for lead generation.


Think Real Estate Benefits Program

Leverage our unique service program designed to appeal to the workforce of companies and generate buyers and sellers for you.

Company Leads Program

A strong prospecting background coupled with company leads is the perfect combination for a successful career.

Marketing Resources

Our strategic marketing partnerships will provide you ideas and options that will save you time and money.

Always Accessible to Drive Your Success

Pamela Robinson

Broker | Owner

Thank you for your interest in joining Seiko Properties. I am Pamela S.  Robinson and have put together a brokerage for real estate professionals that truly want Real Estate to be their career and have a strong interest and drive in doing so.

I am dedicated to being an integral part of your process and look forward to providing systems that will seamlessly integrate into your business plan.  My personal mission is to provide an environment where I can help to develop your skills, create opportunities, and support your business goals.  Through my experience it takes more than a little coaching to guide an agent to true success. It takes someone who will be supporting you during the process and throughout your real estate profession.

I started my career in real estate in 1984, when I worked with the first San Diego Association of Realtors President, Gorge Jonilinous and Associates as a property manager and agent.  In1986, I moved to Northern California and began a professional career as a real estate renovation specialist in luxury real estate, developer and interest in real estate investments within the Bay Area and Northern California.

I moved the main office back to San Diego and continued working throughout California representing clients in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and continued with luxury renovation real estate and investments.

Recently, I have achieved a Broker’s license in Arizona allowing Seiko Properties to expand and in the near future opening up a satellite office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have implemented systems that will help run a successful brokerage. These systems are what is used to leverage your business and create wealth.

My Education, Certifications, and Licenses:

  • Design Institute accredited in San Diego, CA
  • Bachelor’s Fine Art with emphasis in building architecture/interior design
  • GRI- Graduate Real Estate Institute
  • RMS – Risk Management Specialist
  • California Real Estate License – 1986
  • California Real Estate Broker’s License 1996
  • Arizona Real Estate Broker’s License 2017

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your future with Seiko Properties.

Real Estate Training to Grow Your Business

Online Real Estate Training Platform

We have partnered with Wandering But Not Lost (WBNL) Coaching to provide a comprehensive, online and on-demand real estate training and coaching platform for our agents. WBNL Coaching’s approach to real estate training is to show you how to run your real estate business as a true business. You get a virtual coach walking you through how to set up your real estate systems, leverage technology, and effectively use social media and productivity tools. The Connecting Your Real Estate Business course provides the core 10 modules for your real estate business success.

Developed with all Agents in mind, the Wanderers’ Club refocuses activities toward revenue creating action and implementing the essential systems to run your business as a real business.

  • Daily Social Media Posts (WBNL 365)
  • Online, On-Demand Connecting Your Real Estate Business Course
  • Two Training Workshops (monthly and on-demand)
  • WBNL 52 – Weekly coaching and business tips

Connecting Your Real Estate Business Course

Module 1: Your Business Plan & Goal

As a business owner, it’s critical to have clearly defined goals and a written business plan. This module covers the three steps to a powerful real estate business plan. You will also learn how to customize the WBNL Coaching Business Plan template and all supporting documents and forms.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Write S.M.A.R.T. GOALS
  • Unit 3: Why Written Goals
  • Unit 4: Keys to an Achievable Outcome
  • Unit 5: How to Complete the WBNL Business Plan Template
  • Unit 6: Measure & Track Your Results
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 2: Your Business Purpose & Building Your Brand

Create your business mantra and purpose statement. In this Module, we will discuss how to 1) Define Your Visual Brand 2) Manage Your Brand and 3) Build an enduring brand.

  • Unit 1: Define Your Business Purpose
  • Unit 2: Build Your Visual Brand
  • Unit 3: Manage Your Brand
  • Unit 4: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 3: Attracting Perfect Clients

Define your perfect client then discover how to attract those perfect customers and clients for your business in this training module.

  • Unit 1: Applying the Law of Attraction
  • Unit 2: Defining Your Perfect Client
  • Unit 3: Strategic Attraction Planning Process
  • Unit 4: Create Your Strategic Attraction Plan
  • Unit 5: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 4: Build Your Database & Referrals

Your database IS your business! This module covers all the key strategies to creating and maintaining your database of prospects, past clients and sphere of influence and how to generate more referrals.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Initial Steps to Set Up Your Database and CRM
  • Unit 3: Create & Implement Your Connection Plan
  • Unit 4: How to Get More Client Testimonials and Reviews
  • Unit 5: Advanced Referral Techniques
  • Unit 6: Always Be Connecting Mindset & Action Plan
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 5: Personality Styles, Communication Preferences & The Sales Cycle

In this module, we review the four core personality styles and three primary communication preferences in people and how it translates to more sales and better customer service. It starts with understanding your styles and preferences first. Learn how to build rapport and communicate effectively with the different personality types.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: The Four Personality Types
  • Unit 3: Three Ways People Communicate
  • Unit 4: The DISC Profile
  • Unit 5: How to Work with the Four Personality Types
  • Unit 6: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Basics in Sales
  • Unit 7: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 6: Marketing, Advertising & Lead Generation

Discover how to effectively market and advertise your business. Develop your marketing & advertising budget. Integrate the most effective offline marketing strategies. Learn the six C’s of lead generation. Best practices for offline lead generation. Keys to online lead generation (both free and paid).

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Six Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Unit 3: Four Pillars of Lead Gen & Three Types of Leads
  • Unit 4: Must Have Tools for Marketing & Lead Gen
  • Unit 5: Your CRM/Real Estate Software is Your Virtual Assistant
  • Unit 6: Choosing a Real Estate Website & How to Generate Leads
  • Unit 7: Landing Pages & Lead Generation
  • Unit 8: Traditional Marketing & Lead Gen Strategies
  • Unit 9: Farming is Not Just Geographic
  • Unit 10: Online Lead Generation
  • Unit 11: Six C’s of Converting Leads to Closings
  • Unit 12: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 7: Listings & Seller System

Learn the best practices for obtaining more listings. Customize your Pre-Listing Package to send to sellers. Implement and refine your listing presentation, listing process, and follow-up system for working with sellers.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Attracting Sellers
  • Unit 3: Seller Lead Action Plan
  • Unit 4: The Pre-Listing Package
  • Unit 5: Conducting the Listing Presentation
  • Unit 6: Marketing & Servicing the Listing
  • Unit 7: Special Neighborhood Open House Preview
  • Unit 8: Customize the Complete Listing System Procedures Guide
  • Unit 9: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 8: Buyer & Sales System

Implement an effective system for working with buyers including how to find and qualify buyers, conducting the buyer’s consultation and the art of showing homes. Learn tips and tools for managing the transaction from the sale to close of escrow.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Attracting Buyers
  • Unit 3: Make Your Open Houses Fun & Profitable
  • Unit 4: How to Convert Online Buyer Leads
  • Unit 5: Create Buyer Lead Action Plans (Top Producer)
  • Unit 6: Buyer Qualify & Consultation
  • Unit 7: The Art of Showing Homes
  • Unit 8: Customize the Complete Buyer System Procedures Guide
  • Unit 9: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 9: Real Estate Social Media & Technology

The focus and goal of this module are to help you set realistic goals for social media, decide which social sites your will use for business and guide you through critical steps to managing your online presence. Learn how to get more client reviews & recommendations on the key online sites. Practical application and tutorials for the primary social media platforms and how to leverage specific technology for business are located in our Connecting With Social Media & Technology Course.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Your Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Unit 3: Online Reputation Management (You Are Being Googled!)
  • Unit 4: How to Get More Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials
  • Unit 5: Optimize Your Zillow Profile & Request Reviews
  • Unit 6: Your Profile & Realtor Website
  • Unit 7: Get Your Business on Google Search and Maps
  • Unit 8: Visual Content Marketing & Canva Tutorial
  • Unit 9: How to Use Buffer & HootSuite to Manage Your Social Media
  • Unit 10: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 10: Business & Financial Essentials

This module will show you how to structure and run your business as a true business. Learn the essential business and financial systems and practices you need in place that will allow you to create an exit strategy.

  • Unit 1: Overview & Downloads
  • Unit 2: Fundamentals for Your Real Estate Business
  • Unit 3: Your Business Plan and Key Business Metrics
  • Unit 4: Essential Business Systems to Implement
  • Unit 5: Exit Strategy Guide and Checklist
  • Unit 6: Let’s Get to Work!

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